Sent in by Dennis Conner                1970 Precinct Roll Call Photograph   by Big John
Dennis Conner on Mercer Street
Richie Orenstein and Harry Brown
Bob Zink and Dennis Conner
Bobby Zink
Tony Bosco
Row 1 - Frank Gallo,  Fred Forgione,  Bill Maritizen,  Richie Johnson,  Sgt. Cea,  Sgt. Leo Tepper,  Sgt, Quinn,  George Gardella,         Bill Quigg, John Maroney, Grorge Cooney

Row 2 - Rich Carletti, Mike Iannato, Vinny Giammusso, Gil Weisman, Sgt. Tom Weibolt, Sgt, Bob Lively, Sgt. Delaney, Ron Corbett, Bob Franklin,  Harry Brown, Harry Holstien

Row 3 - John Maher, Bill Cianci, Dan Messina, Vito Filamino, Sgt. John McCabe, Capt, Salmari, Capt. Madden, Bill Flynn, Artie Finkle, Vanderstar, Eddie Krombar

Row 4 - Joe Heiteman, Tony Richie, Walter Melnyk, Dick Langell, Lt. Panzare,  Lt. Joe Moore, Lt. Jason, Randy Johnson, Tom Killien, Pica, Jerry O'Shannassey

Row 5 - Dennis Conner, Bob Zink, Mike Augustine, John Stenlein, Sgt. Richie Jaycobs, Sgt, Bernnen, Sgt. Wizlinski, Walter Bebirian, Vinny DeCapua, Eddie Kuck, John Hotchkiss.

Row 6 - Dennis Gibbons, John Minogue, Bill Lackameyer,Cliff Brantley, Vinny Bakewitz, Mike Arenella, Eddie Cunningham,           Joe Garcia

Thanks Guys, for all the help in getting the right names.  If you see any mistakes get back to me.
The names printed in red have passed away - They will always be remembered. - Our prayers go with them.     
The above photo was sent in by John Joseph Bebirian,  who is Walter Bebirian's youngest son.  Walter is the officer on the far right.  John is in Las Vegas NV getting a degree in criminal justice.  I will place a call to Walter to ID the other officers. 
Anyone recognize the location ?