Top row third from left (white frame): Sal Cella who later became one of the best detectives in the 6th Squad.
Second row forth from left (white frame)Eddie (Broom) Houlihan one of the fixtures of the old Sixth
Top row second from right (white frame): Vinnie (Doorknob) De Luca this man knew everything and everyone that you ever had to know while you were in the 6th. If you ever needed help this was the guy to see.
Second row from the bottom, second from left (white frame) Tony LoFrisco need I say anymore?
These are the only five that were still at the 6th when I got there. If anyone remembers any others, we would like to here from you. Vinie De Luca was still working and attended the 1971 picnic. (the photo of the picnic is on "Yesterdays" page)
Third row from from the bottom,third from left, (white frame) John Cregin