Sixth Precinct Anniversary Party
Thanks to Bill McLaughlin's scrap book,
Thanks to Barbara McLaughlin for the correct spelling
Richie Castro & Richie Orenstein
Doc Brown, Pat Orender
& Bill Lachenmeyer
Doc Brown & Pat Orender
.Bill Anderson, Bill McLaughlin,
Mike Augustyne & Big John Stenglien
Crazy Eddie, George Gardella,
Ralph Autino, John Maher,
Amb. driver from St. Vins and
Tommy Larchevue
Ralph Autino & Bill Anderson
G.I. Joe, Jim Piscopo,
Bill Anderson, Bill McLaughlin,
Bill Mullins, John Maher,
George Gardella, Hank Edgar
and Artie Levin
Bill McLaughlin, Mike Augustyne,
Ralph Autino, Big John Stenglein
and John Maher
Bill McLaughlin & Richie Nieves
1896 - 1970
If anyone has information as to who  these heavy hitters are in the foreground of some of these photos please email 
These photos cannot be enhanced or enlarged any bigger than they are, they lose resolution.
       G.I. Joe,                        Bob DeStefani