This UF 49 is a copy of the last entry in the old 6th precinct station house.  The house was located at 135 Charles Street about two blocks west of the new 6th precinct.  After this entry the old station house was closed and along with it many memories.   On January 13th 1971 we moved into the present station house, and a new set of memories started. some good, some bad .

6th precinct post and sector map, circa 1960
John's Pizza on Bleecker Street.
West 4th Street Subway Entrance
MacDougal Street, south of  Beecker
Street looking north to the Empire State Building
Washington Square Park facing southwest from 5th Avenue
Avignone Pharmacy Father Demo Square
Cell and Block keys, cira 1896 to
6th Pct. cells at 135 Charles Street
Gas station at 7th Avenue South and Commerce Street
Cherry Lane Playhoiuse was on Commerce past Bedford Street       cira 1957
Sheridan Square  looking Northwest from Grove Street, home of the infamous Jim Atkins  24/7 diner.       cira 1960
Charles Lane, between Washington and West Streets north of Charles Street, most likely marks the northern boundary of the 18th-century Newgate State Prison and is named for Charles Christopher Amos, who owned the estate on which the present Charles Street and Lane are currently. (Christopher Street is also named for him; Amos Street became West 10th Street)

In the past, Charles Lane has been home to reclusive "Gravity's Rainbow" author Thomas Pynchon.

Charles Lane retains its old Belgian Block paving.

Though the Newgate State Prison stood from 1797 only until 1828 (when it moved upstate and became Sing Sing) it is remembered presently by both Charles Lane and by a Squire Vickers mosaic in the IRT Christopher Street subway station.
Photo sent in by Frank Toscano.
Charles Lane
Jeffersson Market Courthouse
Arturos on Houstin
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1968 Memo book ( the short one) Chart Card - Remember how to use it ?
PO Nino Ramrez
President Ronald Regan
PO Glenn Iannatto (Mike Iannatto's  son)
PO Gene Vega